Denise Masino & K. C. are the Ladies of Godiva.What do women want? Something thick, sticky and rich.

There may be a woman somewhere who doesn’t like chocolate, but she’s hard to find. Chocolate can serve as a treat at the end of an exasperating day. It can be a salve that soothes life’s injustices. As an ingredient in food, chocolate can transform whatever it accompanies into something extraordinary. And, of course, it seems almost necessary as the conclusion to a thoughtfully prepared and elegant meal.

Chocolate has always been associated with romance and we here at Muscle PinUps have been known to, well, let’s just say we tend to “take it up a notch.” May we present The Ladies of Godiva, the best thing that’s happened to Nestles since the crunch! Our two ladies Denise Masino and K. C. are the Chocolate Smeared Women.

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