We sat down with beautiful fetish model/physique competitor Ann Walsh as she relaxed between sets during her recent photo shoot at the Muscle PinUps studio in Fort Myers, Florida. Here’s a quick Q & A with the popular fetish queen :

Where were you born? Hartford, Connecticut. Where do you live now? Windsor Locks, Connecticut. When were you born? August 29th. What are you amazing measurements? 38C – 30 – 36. What is your favorite color? Red. What is your favorite junk food? Pizza. What is your favorite sex toy? My light-up crystal dildo. How can fans contact you? Facebook Ann Walsh. The first thing you notice about a man is . . . It’s two things actually, his hands and his ass. I like a man who is . . . Direct! A gentleman always . . . Holds the door. The perfect kiss should be . . . Strong, passionate and intense. My worst habit is . . . I’m never satisfied with the way I look. I want to be perfect. Men are crazy about my . . . My mystique. My favorite holiday is . . . Halloween. If you were a carnival ride, which one would you be? The roller coaster. I wish I were a better . . . Writer. My on-camera persona is different from the real me in that . . . The real me is more playful. What makes you feel sexy? Being spoiled. Tell us something people might not know about you . . . I lived in Madrid, Spain when I was sixteen. Can you please describe the underwear that you are wearing? I have on a red thong (G-string). Where is the most public place you’ve had sex? The indoor pool at a provate resort in Maine. It was directly in front of a long glass window and there were people walking past it. If you could, Paris or Rome? Rome. A snow shower or a rain shower? Snow shower. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Hawaii or Caribbean? Caribbean.  All done. Whew!

Fetish Queen Ann Walsh answers twenty questions.

Fetish Queen Ann Walsh answers twenty questions.

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