Evie LaRosa knows how to keep herself warm – and us hot.

The 62-year-old fitness phenom just keeps getting better. We called for a “wrap” to what we thought was the conclusion to a successful afternoon of shooting in the 39 degree November evening when Evie yelled, “you’re not leaving this spot until you shoot me in this outfit!” Who was I to argue? Here I am wearing two sweatshirts, a jacket and a hotel room towel and the frisky Evie LaRosa is standing there right in front of me buff naked! I rushed to connect a speedlight onto my Nikon D3  as my beautiful model pulls out a fur hat (not pictured) and a scarf. I proceeded to rip about 50 images in fifteen minutes.

Evie can look hot while shivering on a cold  evening in late fall in the basin below Nevada’s Mt. Charleston.

Watch for Evie’s entire photo shoot coming soon to MusclePinUps.com

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